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Colombia Sin Fronteras is a non-governmental organisation in Colombia founded by an amazing woman called Libia Maria Labastidas Charris who lives in Santa Marta with her two daughters. It depends exclusively on the generosity of people like you and I for their funding and survival.
CSF is based in Valle de Gaira, Santa Marta. Its a very poor community situated in the hills outside the prosperous region of Rodadero. People who live here were displaced during the conflicts of Colombia in the 70’s and 80’s and live in what they can build. The houses are often two unfinished rooms with no toilet facilities and no water supply.
The entire community rely on a well to wash their clothes, shower and cook but there is no drinking water so people need to buy water or boil it if they have any gas or open fire.The inhabitants of this community suffer from poverty, malnutrition, lack of education and domestic violence. Many are unemployed, very few have permanent jobs. Many kids are unable to write and read, they live in poverty. Lack of adequate sanitary facilities and poor hygienic practices are a serious issue.
The kids receive free classes in English, nutrition, maths, art, sport and after school support to improve their future employment prospects. CSF is run by Libia and the help of volunteers from all over the world.

I spent a month and half helping Libia and the kids of CSF, I joined her when she started setting up the charity. As soon as I met Libia and I heard her plans for the charity, she stole my heart with her passion, kindness and dedication. I knew I wanted to be part of her dream. I still remember the day when we painted the centre to officially launch CSF, when we split the kids in two groups to organise their classes and when we were setting up the website to promote Colombia Sin Fronteras. Libia is one of the most amazing and inspiring woman I've ever met in my life, she has together with the kids a very special place in my heart.

The kids are affectionate, intelligent, positive and without a doubt an extension of Libia.

If you wish to know more about Colombia Sin Fronteras, want to join them as a volunteer or make a donation you can either purchase the charity ebook "Over the Rainbow" by Lela De Silva or click here:

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Colombia Sin Fronteras
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