About me

To me there was more to life than UGG boots, collecting nectar points or bleaching my moustache. I didn't want to live my life without a purpose like most of the people I knew. I wanted to be useful and bring joy to those around me, even if they didn't know who the hell I was. I wanted to keep living, even after I was gone…

I woke up on Friday the 5th of November 2011 and it was minus 40°C degrees outside. My boiler had died the day before and I was waiting for the engineer to come and repair it. I kept putting my body inside the microwave to defrost it but my toe nails were too long and frankly quite tricky to shut the microwave door so I grabbed my MacBook to warm up and checked the map of South America. I chose seven countries and seven children charities. I was not interested in helping big organisation, I wanted to help those small ones forgotten by everyone and struggling for resources. I left everything I had behind and embarked on my "Over the rainbow" charity tour. I started my incredible journey in Peru' and moved from one charity to another alone, crapping my pants but curious and determined to help these kids.
It has been the most challenging and beautiful year of my life, it changed my outlook on life and my state of mind. Poverty, lack of education, abuse, struggle play a major part in the lives of all these kids but hope, love, compassion and laughter is what pull them through somehow.
I came back to London without a dime in my pocket but my soul richer than a sea of diamonds and thought the only way to carry out their wishes was to give them a voice, hope and a chance to rewrite their stories.
The aim of the Lela De Silva Trust is to tell the story of these amazing kids, raise awareness and funds for their education, health care and well being. My objective is to continue what I started and give these kids hope and opportunities like the ones I have in my life.

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