Luz Del Mundo

Luz del Mundo is a charity in Bolivia founded in 2002 by an incredible woman called Gabriela Rojas Llave. It's a non-governmental organisation that depends exclusively on the generosity of people like you and I for their funding and survival.

LDM is a home for children of single parents or orphans living in very poor conditions where they get food, education, unconditional love and emotional support. Sensing that these kids were at a higher risk of getting sucked into crime, primarily due to lack of education and adverse socio economic adversity Gabry has opened the centre with the aim to change their destiny.

Over 70 kids attend the free classes of english, music, mathematics, spanish and after school support in the poorest and most dangerous part of Santa Cruz to improve their future employment prospects. Many of them have been abused mentally, physically and emotionally. The only thing they all have in common is a desperate need to feel loved, accepted and appreciated. People living in this part of the city suffer from poverty, lack of education, crime and domestic violence.

Girls become mothers at a very young age and often don't have an education so they are not financially independent and are more likely to accept domestic violence. They feel there is no way out plus the fact that they end up having too many kids means that the household is crowded, money is tight and this can cause high levels of stress for the mothers who sometimes lose their marbles and leave the kids behind. Unfortunately this is the story of many kids at LDM too.

The charity is run by Gabry and her loving mum. As soon as you meet Gabry and her family, they steal your heart away in a heartbeat. Their unconditional love for these children, strength, kindness are an inspiration for anyone who has the honour of knowing these amazing human beings.
After spending two months helping Intiwawa in Peru', I spent a month helping Gabry and teaching the kids at LDM. I moved to their neighbourhood so I could be close to Gabry and the kids and loved every minute of it. They became family to me and will always have a special place in my heart.
The kids are warm, affectionate, bright and their energy is contagious. Despite the poverty they live in, I have no doubts that when God, Buddha or Allah was distributing smiles, these kids were the first in the queue. 

If you wish to know more about LDM, want to join them as a volunteer or make a donation you can either purchase the charity ebook "Over the Rainbow" by Lela De Silva or click here:

My time with Luz Del Mundo


Luz del Mundo

Gabriela Rojas Llave
Address: Calle 1, Plan 3000 Barrio, 12 de Diciembre. Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Phone: (+591 ¬ 33) 608444

volunteer coordinator Stéphanie

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