What we do

The Lela Trust's main objective is to financially and emotionally support the charities we represent in this website, through fund raising, donations, recruiting volunteers and sponsoring a child. By telling the story of these invisible children the Trust hopes to contribute positively to the lives of these incredible children. Domestic violence, crime, malnutrition, abuse and poverty is the sad reality they live in and where there is poverty, there is lack of education and ignorance that eventually breeds abuse. More information on the exact situation and need of each charity can be found on the relevant tab or their website.

The funds and donations will be used for:

- Education (schools fees, uniforms, stationery, text books etc)
- Health (medicines from paracetamol to burns, contraception, hospital fees,
diapers, sanitary towels etc)
- Food (bread, milk, rice, water etc)
- Maintenance and repairs of the existing premises or purchase of land/new premises.
- utility bills (electricity, water, gas, telephone and internet)
- clothing (underwear, shoes, blankets etc)
- transportation

The donations specific to each charity will be sent directly by the Trust. All funds raised through the sale of  the "Over the rainbow" charity ebook will be split equally across the charity represented by the Trust. To make a child smile, please click here.

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